From ship building, ironmongery, wood & furniture, casting and  construction industries to automotive and automotive supply industries, abrasives are used in almost all industrial sectors – directly or indirectly… The more these sectors grow, the bigger  abrasive industry gets. Turkish abrasive industry has registered a consistent growth in the last years and still growing by 10% every  year. Turkish abrasive manufacturers are aiming to increase their export volume.

By 2014, Turkish abrasive industry reached at a 260 mio TL market volume, which is enough to meet domestic industrial needs and export to overseas. While main abrasive materials such as cutting discs, flap discs, fibre discs and abrasive bands are exported, raw materials are imported to be used in production. Turkey meets 8% of the global flap disc need on its own by a 26 million units of annual production. As industrialisation keeps increasing globally,Turkish abrasive industry is expected to grow correspondingly.

Key Facts:

– Turkish abrasive industry grows 10% every year and it’s expected to keep growing upcoming years.

– Abrasive sector reached at a € 83 mio. volume by 2014.

– Main exported materials are cutting discs, flap discs, fibre discs and abrasive bands.

– Raw materials are mostly imported.

What we do:

As Haltin Consultancy, we are very active in abrasive industry.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in various sectors, we have a wide network of contacts in this sector including convertors and manufacturers.

Our services include;

– acquisition advisory,

– joint venture advisory,

– startup and entry strategies development,

– strategic sourcing and supply management

– marketing intelligence

– market analyses and reports

– dealer network restructuring

how can we help you?

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Our experience with Haltin Consultancy gave us more than we expected. Their service was all prosfessional and satisfactory from the beginning to the end. We felt their expert support during the whole process.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.