Plastic & Rubber

Plastic & Rubber

plastic-mouldingsWhen it comes to plastics and rubber industry, Turkey is one of the leading manufacturer countries. With more than 8 million tonnes of plastic production capacity, Turkey is the 2nd biggest manufacturer of Europe and 7th of the world. Turkey’s plastics and rubber production is mostly on tyres and construction materials. In 2015, the volume of plastics and rubber industry has increased by 1,5%. Economists expect Turkish plastics & rubber industry to grow consistently, especially the demand for domestic market is predicted to increase depending on the growth of automotive and construction industries.

There are approximately 6,700 registered plastic materials manufacturers in Turkish industry according to data of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). Most of these manufacturers (37%) are located in Istanbul. The cities of Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Kocaeli are following Istanbul. Distribution of the plastic materials production percentages according the subcategories is as follows;

– Plastic packaging / 25%

– Plastic slabs and plates / 22%

– Plastic construction materials / 20%

– Other plastic materials / %32

Key Facts:

– More than 600 of Turkish plastics & rubber manufacturers are united under Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation (PAGEV). Members of PAGEV meet the 80% turnover of the domestic market.

– In the last 10 years, Turkish plastics industry has increased its capacity up to almost 100% (4,300 tonnes by 2006, more than 8,000 tonnes by now)

– With more than 275,000 employees, there is a huge amount of  workforce in the industry.

– By 2015, plastic materials production value of Turkey was around USD 31,9 bn.

What we do…

Haltin Consultancy has more than 15 years of experience in plastics & rubber industry as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM producer). This experience gives us the power of expertise and confidence in the sector. With this strong background, we’ve built strong relationships within the industry and created a large web of connections. When it comes to the plastics and rubber business, we are deservedly assertive. Our services include;

– acquisition advisory,

– joint venture advisory,

– startup and entry strategies development,

– strategic sourcing and supply management

– marketing intelligence

– market analyses and reports

– dealer network restructuring

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