While the Turkish economy is currently showing healthy growth, the PU sector in the country is experiencing even stronger expansion, because of rapid growth in the construction, appliance and automotive sectors.

The estimation that the size of Turkish PU market is more than 230 kilotons, with growth at 10-11 percent a year.

haltinThe markets are numerous and varied from insulation to make buildings more energy efficient to foams and lightweight composite materials that increase comfort in cars and cut fuel consumption.

From 2010 to 2016 world polyurethane market has reached from17.950 kilotons to 13.650 kilotons and the average annual growth rate is 4.7%. Turkey polyurethane industry, much higher on this issue with performance and growth rates and still growth potential is tremendous. The average growth of GNP in the last 10 years was 3.88%, however according to market research and analysis that we did, Turkey polyurethane market seems to have realized an annual growth of approximately 7-8%. It means that the polyurethane market in our country is growing faster than Turkish Economy and also showing a better performance than the world average. This shows us sector has quite much potentials and very attractive opportunities for new investments and market penetrations.


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