Wire harness

untitled-1Commonly used in automobiles, as well as construction machinery, cable harnesses provide several advantages over loose wires and cables.

In spite of increasing automation, in general, cable harnesses continue to be manufactured by hand, due to the many different processes involved, such as:

  • routing wires through sleeves,
  • taping with fabric tape, in particular on branch outs from wire strands,
  • crimping terminals onto wires, particularly for so-called multiple crimps (more than one wire into one terminal),
  • inserting one sleeve into another,
  • fastening strands with tape, clamps or cable ties.


Turkey’s cable industry in both quality and succeeded both in terms of capacity of our country can be considered as an industry.  Within this sector, it is should be considered not only the energy and telecommunication cables and copper electrolytic, but also their derivatives (wires, bars, etc.), aluminium conductors and derivatives, steel wire rope industry, plastic industry, the cable industry for vehicles.

These facilities are established in Turkey with the transfer of the Prysmian and Corning all factory decided to leave this world in this sector as some other large companies of pioneering Siemens in the establishment of the industry continues to operate under these names. The next few years in the cable industry for our technical developments closely meet the needs of the domestic need to follow and increase our exports will certainly show significant improvements.


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