autoAutomotive is one of the leading and still growing industries in Turkey since early 1960’s. It all started with an assembly-based formation back then and it turned to a fully-fledged industry in time. During a 14-year period of time (2000-2014) OEM companies (Original Equipment Manufacturers) invested approximately $ 12 billion in automotive industry. With this huge amount of investments, Turkey became a critical and valuable base for global automotive industry. At this point, Turkish automotive industry is very competitive, yet still growing adding more value to its production.



Key Facts


– There are more than 3000 OEM automotive companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Turkey and 70% of these are SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

– Almost 7% of all suppliers (around 200) are owned by foreign companies -mainly European.

– International quality standards such as ISO 16949 and ISO 14001 are applied in Turkish automotive industry.

– Turkey has a skilled workforce with more than 250 0000 working employees in automotive industry.

– Comparing with European countries, competitive labor wage in Turkey is a big cost advantage for manufacturers.

– Turkish automotive industry has a wide experience of expertise and able to meet global standards.

– Thanks to many years of export and import experiences, Turkish automotive industry is competent and competitive in global markets.



What we do…


Haltin Consultancy has a wide network in automotive industry. There are many automobile manufacturers, auto component manufacturers, service suppliers and third party institutions among our clients and contacts. We serve our expertise to help our clients to increase their corporate value.


We provide a detailed strategy development plan and complex acquisition advisory services such as target due diligence and deal structuring to our clients.


Our services for automotive industry include;

– acquisition support

– JV support,

– entry strategy

– sourcing strategy

– market intelligence

– strategy development

– dealer network restructuring

how can we help you?

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