Investor Support

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Investor Support

“Haltin Consultancy presents the best expertise in the field of FDI and investment project implementation in Turkish market. We provide assistance in project cycle – from initial groundwork and drawing up of the long list of potential investment location, selection of the locations for the short list, securing utilization of investment incentives, communication with all levels of national and local government and public institutions, all the way to project’s implementation and finally after care services in order to secure safe and efficient business in the years after the investment completion.”


“Haltin Consultancy is uniquely qualified to serve as a strategic advisor, and the firm has a reputation in the industry for trustworthiness, wide network in Turkish industry, balanced business practices, and world-class execution.

Our M&A advisory services include:

Sectoral Analysis

We provide a full detailed sectoral analysis in which our clients are interested in to invest. We examine all related manufacturers, importers and exporters from a wide point of view and review  them within international HS Code (Harmonized System Codes).

Every client’s request is unique for us. Our sectoral analysis depends and builds on specific interests of the client and critical elements for the final investment decision. We file a custom made sectoral analysis to our client which makes decision process more reliable and accurate.

Beside sectoral analysis, we also research for more profitable investing locations all over Turkey, based on our client’s industry.

We are preparing sectoral analysis in which our clients would like to invest. With a broad perspective, we sensitively check out all producers, importer, exporter by location wise and also within the international Harmonized System Codes (HS Code).

Our sectoral analysis is tailored made for every single client and its focus depends on specific interests and important factors crucial for making the final investment decision.

Depending the industry and sector of our client, as well as business activity he wishes to invest in, we provide detailed research of the locations in all over Turkey.

To prepare a reliable matchmaking report to determine all available locations for investment, we consider a series of crucial factors such as,

  •  Available skilled labor force,
  •  Condition of the local and neighboring markets
  •  Potential suppliers in the area,
  •  Legal procedures and enforcements,
  •  Financial funds and incentives,
  •  Industrial zones in the area.

Together with our client we determine the important factors (e.g. available skilled workforce, domestic and neighboring market size and properties, availability of local suppliers, legal framework and political stability, available investment incentives, availability of needed land, traffic and utility infrastructure availability and price etc.), and develop a robust matchmaking report on all selected interesting locations in the region.

Site visit execution

Once the market and location researches are completed, our clients will be able to visit the locations they choose and put into their list. At this stage, we provide an elaborate service to our clients so that they can perform their visits efficiently without missing any scheduled event.

Our site visit execution services include,

  •  Logistical arrangements of our client’s transportation,
  •  Scheduling meetings and appointments with necessary and required people such as local officials and existing foreign investors,
  • Organizing specific land visits selected by our client

Our site visit services allow our clients to obtain a full and clear picture of the alternatives and help them to make the most accurate and profitable decision.

With executed market research and selected locations for the client’s long or short list the client is ready for locations visit. We offer full service in providing the most efficient site visits in order to be time efficient without missing any important meeting or detail in the selected locations.

Our organization of the site visits provide logistical organization of visits, organization of meetings and discussions with all key stakeholders at the location – from representatives of local governments to the private sector and existing foreign investors. We organize visits and analysis of specific land interesting to realize investments and other business infrastructure that is of interest to the client.

This service allows clients to gain a clear picture of each target site and enables him to make an informed and accurate final decision in selecting the investment site.

With the unbiased and concrete facts we offer our clients an insight into the intangible / subjective factors of location, which in a substantial impact future client’s business performance.

Investment project development, implementation and after care

During the investment project development, we give a detailed report to our client showing available funds and incentives to be used. We inform our clients for necessary adaptations and modifications so that they can maximize their benefit from incentives. Our analyses and reports on incentives target to reduce the total cost of the investment.

Haltin Consultancy continues its services throughout the whole investment and implementation processes. After our client makes his final decision for investment, we follow  up all the stages of implementation on regular basis from the beginning to the end. Once the business is started, this time we keep supporting our client with our after-care services.

During the investment implementation and afterwards, we handle the policy advocacy very carefully as we aim to protect our client’s best interest.

As Haltin Consultancy, we use our experience and expertise to anticipate possible problems, risks and obstacles (material, bureaucratic or administrational) and we eliminate them before they occur. We make sure that implementation proceeds smoothly.

Haltin Consultancy follows the client throughout the process of investment

implementation, from the point of decision about the investment to its finalization.

After the completion of the investment process and the start of regular business, Haltin Consultancy provides after-care services, supporting client in his day-to-day operations and covering his needs and interests – especially towards national and local government and public institutions. One of the most important aspects of our services during and after the investment implementation is policy advocacy through which we aim to secure our client’s interests.

In the pre-implementation phase of the project we provide an accurate analysis of potential of the use of investment incentives. We analyze customer business plans and suggest possible modifications aimed at maximizing the realization of incentives and reduction of the final costs of the investment.

Independently, or in collaboration with a wide network of professional business partners, we provide a simple implementation of investment by ensuring avoidance of potential obstacles and risks that can occur at a specific location. Specifically we take care of controlling and managing administration, bureaucratic and legal issues and risks. We ensure that all possible problems and risks are anticipated and resolved before they may occur, with the goal of effective and speedy

implementation of the investment project.


With wide business network in the region, we provide our clients with the most efficient way of getting in touch with their potential partners, clients or suppliers in the market.

Legal Company Foundation Guidance

A representative office can perform the following categories of activities, according to the Turkish laws:

– market research
– representation
– promotion for the goods and services provided by the parent company
– control of the suppliers
– technical support
– communication and information
– regional management center and others.

2 excellent reasons for establishing a Liaison Office:

  • There is no Trade Registry required. The permit is obtainable from the Ministry of Economy. You can maintain a Liaison Office status for 3-13 years depending on your business activities: Market Research firms can be Liaison Offices for up to 3 years; companies involved in Supplier Auditing, Quality Controlling, Technical Support (to distributors or producers) and Representation can remain Liaison Offices for up to 8 years; companies maintaining in Regional Management Headquarters can remain Liaison Offices for up to 13 years.
  • There are significant tax advantages to having Liaison Office status.There is no corporation tax (which is significant in Turkey) and no VAT registration. The Liaison Office is only liable for income tax withholding, stamp tax, and social security contributions.

2 conditions for establishing a Liaison Office:

A foreign company entering the Turkish market may be eligible for Liaison Office status if the following conditions are met:

  • They do not engage in commercial activity.
  • All of their expenditures must be financed by their non-Turkey-based income.

We, Haltin Consultancy, giving full service support to establish a Liaison Office.


Incentives Guidance (Sectoral and  Regional)


Turkey is investment friendly country.

Investors in Turkey enjoy from tax credit to direct financial support for their investment.

Almost all investment with few exceptions is encouraged but with different level.

Each Investment is put under one program to determine eligibility of incentives


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Our experience with Haltin Consultancy gave us more than we expected. Their service was all prosfessional and satisfactory from the beginning to the end. We felt their expert support during the whole process.

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