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M&A Advisory

“Haltin Consultancy is a boutique advisory firm that provides creative and strategic advice to senior management teams, company boards and owners.

We advise domestic and international companies with individually tailored M&A advice and assist them to accomplish their goals in Turkey.

We structure, execute and evaluate mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, greenfield investments and divestitures in various industries and countries.

We have successful track records of managing all aspects of complex investment projects, working on home appliances, automotive, plastics, metals, electronics, etc.

Our services cover all phases of an M&A process, from buyer and seller pre-deal support through to completion and post-deal integration.

“Haltin Consultancy is uniquely qualified to serve as a strategic advisor, and the firm has a reputation in the industry for trustworthiness, wide network in Turkish industry, balanced business practices  and world-class execution.

Our M&A advisory services include:

  •  Buy Side Advisory
  • Sell Side Advisory
  • Deal origination & execution
  • Valuation of assets
  • Supervising due diligence, legal and other issues to work towards a successful completion
  •  Exit strategy reviews
  •  Strategic advice and assistance with deal planning

Buy-side  advisory services

Haltin Consultancy offers all stages of acquisition services to its clients and support them in

achieving their goals. Our acquisition services include;

  •  Defining the criteria for acquisition process and examination of the goals,
  •  Detailed listing of the target companies that correspond with defined criteria,
  •  Defining of the authorized and reliable contacts,
  •  Rigorous analysis of the identified target companies,
  •  Optimal evaluation of an acquisition price,
  •  Determining a negotiation plan and managing the negotiations,
  •  Preparing the legal documentation including the contracts that involve external legal advisors.

Haltin Consultancy’s services cover all phases of an acquisition process. We offer the following services to our clients and support them in implementing their objectives:

  • Definition of the acquisition criteria and analysis of the objectives.
  • A complete selection of the candidates (target companies) on the basis of defined criteria’s.
  •  Establishing confidential and personal contacts.
  • Analysis of candidates (target companies)
  • Assessment of an appropriate purchasing price.
  • The development of negotiations strategies and conduct of negotiations.
  • Preparation of contracts involving external legal advisers

Sell-side advisory services

Selling a company is definitely a turning point in business life. As Haltin Consultancy, we help our clients to maximize the value of their company assets and/or stock. Our multifaceted services include,

  •  Developing an all-round profit based sale strategy,
  •  Defining the criteria for sale process and examination of the targets,
  •  Determining the sales outline based on company analysis and preparing all relevant documentation,
  •  Detailed listing of the target buyers that correspond with defined criteria,
  •  Communicating with targeted buyers in confidentiality,
  •  Planning and managing the negotiations in collaboration with the client,
  •  Providing strategic due diligence to reach at the best prospect,
  •  Preparing the contracts in collaboration with external legal advisors such as lawyers, auditors and tax advisors.

For most entrepreneurs, selling a company is the most important thing they will do in their business life. Haltin Consultancy helps to convert your assets and/or stock into maximum value encompasses a multifaceted approach, including the following:

  •  Development of the sale strategy
  •  Discussion and definition of selling criteria and objectives
  •  Company analysis and information, preparation of the sales outline and sale documents
  •  Definition target potential buyers
  •  Confidential approach of potential buyers
  •  Organising and conducting the negotiations in close cooperation with the client.
  •  Providing due diligence assistance – preparing sellers for the numerous meetings, questions and issues they will face

Interfacing with attorneys, providing legal and tax advice during the preparation of the contracts involving external auditors, lawyers and tax advisors.

Our M&A expertise

  •  Defining the most relevant and profitable potential partners depending on our clients’ goals.
  •  Rigorous analysis of current market trends & business traction and future prospects to achieve the maximum value evaluation.
  •  Bringing targeted potential partners together in a scheduled period of time and managing the negotiations based on our clients’ goals and objectives.
  •  Precision on time management to allow executive personnel to concentrate on actual business activities.
  •  Proven ability to attract highly-relevant partners to achieve specific results congruent with clients’ shareholder goals.
  •  Achieving maximum equity value by correctly positioning clients based on real-time market trends, proven business execution, current business traction, and future business opportunity.
  •  Delivering qualified partners to the table quickly and concurrently; and driving prospective partners toward closure within a time period that is consistent with clients’ near-term goals.
  •  Maximizing valuation such that minimum dilution is experienced by existing shareholders.
  •  Minimizing executive teams’ time and resources diverted away from core business activities.
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Our experience with Haltin Consultancy gave us more than we expected. Their service was all prosfessional and satisfactory from the beginning to the end. We felt their expert support during the whole process.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.